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Music Creator and Producer in Los Angeles known as Silver Sessions specializes as a record producer, plays in a band, song writer, collaborator, Audio Engineer, Mixer, Remixer, Sonic Colorist, Sound Designer, Composer for Film, TV, Trailers, and Commercials, and performs several instruments. Victory Road Studios, among others, has been the home of many productions.
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Newly formed Riptide Music Group has named Dan Silver as its Vice President of Creative.  A "sync-flavored" global publishing administration powerhouse, Riptide's services include the worldwide synchronization of music for advertising, movie trailers, television, film and videogames. The company also provides services for the international collection of publishing royalties. 
As VP of Creative, Silver will oversee creative operations and marketing at Riptide Music Group. From producing artists, creating movie trailer music, to running Riptide's studio, to serving as a client creative liaison for the advertising, film, TV, movie trailer, and videogame industries, Silver will present clients with the company's best artistic selections and custom productions. 
"Dan Silver is a very musically talented individual who has a tremendous wealth of experience to offer our company," Rich Goldman, RMG President, said. "He is well-versed in multiple music styles and in keeping a tasteful ear to the ground for undiscovered talent at all times. He will be instrumental in helping us grow our catalog, and by providing a unique perspective to A&R, as well as in the strategic planning and marketing of new artist signings." 
Dan Silver had previously been Riptide Music's Senior Producer (prior to the formation of Riptide Music Group) for the past 12 years. In that role, he co-produced and collaborated on several epic hybrid film trailer albums with Riptide composers Cliff Lin, Daniel Lenz, John Mattox, Kathie Talbot, and others. Recent Riptide trailer music credits in which Silver was involved include music placements within the trailers for "Noah.", "The Wolf of Wall Street," and "Iron Man 3" along with global and national commercials for TRESemmé, Apple iPad and Miller Lite. Silver's own music and sound design can also be heard in numerous trailers, TV shows and commercials. 
In addition, Silver is a co-founder and talent curator of the Quantum Collective, an innovative music marketing collective that brings musicians, artists, celebrities and consumer brands together through original programs and live events. Quantum and Silver presented the 3rd annual "Southwest Invasion" music event, which took place during the 2014 SXSW conference in Austin. Riptide Music Group was one of the corporate sponsors of that event, which featured performers including Lisa Marie Presley, A Great Big World, Mary Lambert, Suzanne Vega, Barcelona, Dirty Vegas, and many other acts.
RT @RiptideMusicGRP: We are very excited to announce our partnership with @SentricMusic and the next chapter for Riptide and its creator… https://t.co/davrqpdukV
RT @SentricMusic: Delighted to announce our partnership with @RiptideMusicGRP "A landmark deal as far as Sentric is concerned " - https://t.co/L47aRsP0hp
RT @MOONtmissions: behind the scenes from "HANG ON" vid shoot in JoshuaTree w/Director @robinantiga , DP Erich Kemp, the crew + band.… https://t.co/ez7t6NN4zp
RT @MOONtmissions: behind the scenes from "HANG ON" vid shoot in JoshuaTree w/Director @robinantiga , DP Erich Kemp, the crew + band.… https://t.co/HAxHWg3y4j
RT @MOONtmissions: behind the scenes from "HANG ON" vid shoot in JoshuaTree w/Director @robinantiga , DP Erich Kemp, the crew + band.… https://t.co/Ds6GtF1Lcj

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